As of October 3, 2022 we have stopped our business activities

 Beerepoot Wijdenes BV is the preparation company in the Netherlands

Our company covers an area of 9,000 m2, features the latest and most energy efficient cooling technologies with a cooling capacity of 4,000 cubic flower bulb crates and possibilities from minus 3°C to plus 35°C. In 2013 we started with the creation of a new offer from our cultivation, so we can continue to match your wishes perfectly.


Annually we grow 50 hectares of tulip bulbs. The tulip bulbs from our production are sold by our own staff to both domestic and foreign customers.


Beerepoot Wijdenes BV is the preparation company for your tulip and iris bulbs in the Netherlands. With some 125 million bulbs annually, we are the market leader in the Netherlands. The preparation of irises is partly managed by CNB Kwaliteit+ (Quality+). CNB Kwaliteit+ handles the treatment regimens for the forcers and offers advice.


In addition to the growing and preparing, we can also help you with exporting bulbs. Annually, we export approximately 25 million tulip bulbs to Germany. Read more

A combination or complete package

Are you interested in a combination of the above? In a complete package? You will find more information on our website.