Tulip preparation

Thanks to our new cooling system, we can prepare (by way of temperature treatment) for you with perfect tulip bulbs. With a total of approximately 25 million tulip bulbs prepared by Beerepoot Wijdenes BV, we are the Dutch preparation company. We possess the latest and most energy-efficient cooling technologies that contribute to a cleaner environment.

Tulip preparation details

We store all bulbs in cubic flower bulb crates and prepare them according to your requirements.
Thanks to our many years of experience, our capacity and capabilities, we can easily meet your wishes.

A list of the services we provide:

  • clearing tulip bulbs through customs, including a professional inspection;

  • an acknowledgement of receipt to the customer;

  • acid testing including notification of complaints;

  • preparation according to the customer's forcing schedule;

  • f desired, guidance and advice on floriculture;

  • actellic treatment at an additional charge;

  • rental of cubic flower bulb crates at an additional charge;

  • dispatch of the tulip bulbs on demand (by telephone or e-mail);

  • transport by means of a truck owned by Beerepoot Wijdenes BV.


  • competitive offers in combination with tulip bulbs from own cultivation;

  • many years of experience in preparation;

  • competitive prices due to efficient processing;

  • preparation in cubic flower bulb crates;

  • short lines of communication between the customer and Beerepoot Wijdenes BV;

  • flexibility;

  • personal approach;

  • Saturday deliveries are possible;

  • new cooling system ensures constant temperatures in the cold stores.

For more information about our offer and our services, please contact us by e-mail or phone