Tulips offer

Beerepoot Wijdenes BV grows 50 hectares of tulip bulbs in double nets in Friesland and in the Flevopolder. Our assortment consists of about 20 different varieties, but we have started setting up a new offer that will enable us to keep meeting the customers’ wishes to perfection. In addition, in 2013 we will start with our new processing line and in combination with the new cooling system, we are ready for the future.

Tulip bulbs

Download our current tulips offer here


Annually, we export approximately 25 million tulip bulbs to Germany. We also sell iris bulbs in South Africa, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

Due to the size of our company, we can offer you an extensive assortment and by skipping one link, we are able to offer very competitive prices.
Our company is familiar with the entire export route, including the export documents.

Interested in a complete package? Tulip bulbs INCLUDING preparation?

You purchase our own grown tulip bulbs, have us prepare them, and then deliver them for you at the desired address.
All this at a competitive price and the certainty that you can force a bulb of high quality.

For more information about our offer and our services, please contact us by e-mail or phone